Not today satan!

Today has been a day for the birds, a day that no one wants to go through, and a day that both my husband and I asked God why?!?!?

I ended up having to go into work at 12am this morning, working a short seven hour shift before being able to go home and go to bed. When I got home quarter till nine, I put my pajamas on and crawled into bed next to my hubby. The bed was nice and warm, so I instantly passed out.

Eleven o’clock rolled around and my phone rang, being on call I answered it as professionally as I could. It was my husband. All he said was “I need you to come over to the farm, I need your help” I don’t ever get these calls when he knows that I haven’t gotten enough sleep. I threw my jeans on, a sweatshirt, my carhart jacket and my muck boots. I hoped in my car and headed on my three mile journey to the farm.

I got there and my husband was frantic.

My father in law had been in the shop working on some machinery with the heaters on and his stereo jamming, when he started to get a little dizzy. He called my mother in law who took him to the ER because he had carbon monoxide poisoning. He was lucky to be in the state that he was, because it could have been way worse.

This Sunday was one for the books.

Just weeks ago after harvest was finished we had let the cows out into the corn field to graze on whatever corn was left. Last week one of our heifer calves had been bloated and died. They tried everything but she didn’t make it. Just a week or two before that we lost the eldest cow on the farm. Today when I arrived and saw one of our younger cows down in the dry lot, my heart sank into my boots. We tubbed her and got mineral oil into her belly before getting the vet on the phone. The hour that we had to wait was crucial and we didn’t think she was going to last long. We got a halter on her, got her agitated just enough to get her to get up and to walk to the barn, and finally witnessed her drink some water.

This cow had been halter broken years ago, but had NEVER been led with a halter.

That’s how much pain she was in!

The vet came and tubbed her with some laxatives mixed with an anti acid to try and get her to have a shit. (Sorry for my French, but that’s really what we needed from her was a good ole shit). After that, he gave her an IV with some fluids to try and get her blood pumping enough to get her to drink. An hour goes by and she gets up, drinks a good amount of water and was given some grass hay. By this time it was almost three in the afternoon and we were starving. Miles and I went home to get a late lunch and take a good afternoon nap. Who doesn’t take a Sunday afternoon nap?!?! By the time we woke up it was time to do chores, make supper and get things prepared for the week.

He checked on her, she was fine!

We both went to check on her one more time before we headed to bed, and as we walked into the barn, flipped the lights on…we saw he lifeless body laying right where she was when I had left earlier to go make lunch. My heart sank, my mind started racing, but I couldn’t cry. I’ve seen it too many times while growing up.

They are fine one minute, then dead the next.

Even though things have been taken from us that we cannot get back, satan isn’t going to over power us. We are NOT going to let him make us dwell on the past or dwell on our future endeavors when raising our animals! It’s part of life. The good times and the bad, both in which we will tip our hats and Thank the good Lord above!

“Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim.”

– Vicki Harrison


The smile….

This morning I smiled for a picture….I smiled at my neighbors when leaving the drive way and of course I smiled as I walked into the door at work…my guys love it when I smile because then they smile.

Everyone at the house got ready, per usual, and continued their morning routines before leaving to head to the center. The overnight gal and I were laughing and talking as we always do, and I was having a great morning.

I got all of the guys into the van and headed on our short journey to the center as they’d go to work for the day. We walked into the door, I wasn’t as cheerful as normal…that’s when my headache started to get really bad….

Plus it can get loud there sometimes!

However, there is nothing more that I dislike then someone asking me as I walk in “what’s wrong“or stating “your always so happy why don’t you stay and talk“. It doesn’t anger me as much as it annoys me that people automatically assume that something is wrong because my smile isn’t as big or I don’t stay around to chat as much as everyone else does.

I enjoy working 😊

I enjoy what I do and sometimes my smile isn’t as big as it always is…but that doesn’t mean I am not happy, it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t enjoy sitting and talking…..

It just means I got stuff to do!

Does anyone remember the saying don’t ASSUME, because it’ll make an ass out of u and me?!?! Just remember that….oh and to smile however you want!

A day in the life….

“Job training empowers people to realize their dreams and improve their lives”

-Sylvia Mathews Burwell

March 2017 I started a job as a DSP* with a company here in the “BIG TOWN” of Lafayette. My job in the company to is help people who may be physically or mentally disabled with their daily needs. Meaning I could have any needs as far as someone that could do most things on their own to someone who may need assistance with everything.

*DSP – direct support professional (an fyi 😊)

With my best quality in general of who I am, it is most definitely being a people person. That being said, I knew this job would be a wonderful fit. Being with people all day, spending time with them, talking to them and learning their qualities. I learned to have a soft spot in my heart for each and every person that I worked with, however in the position I was in…it was putting some damage on my car. So I went from independent living and moved to residential living. The difference between the two are independent living consumers are people who need staff during the day but most of the time stay by themselves at night. On the other hand, residential living is when a couple of different consumers live together in a home and have 24 hour services.

I am considered to be a “HOUSE MOM”

When I switched from being a DSP in independent living to a House Manager in residential living…it was more of an eye opener for me.

I became the house mother, I became the one who they were most dependent on, I became their caregiver when family isn’t around, I became the person who fills the fridge, I became the person who does the laundry, and I became the person who would drop anything in a heart beat to help one of them. I became their house mother.

Morning dew

I am not one to push the snooze button more then once in the morning, I just can’t do it.


My alarm is set every morning for 5am, after hitting the snooze button ONCE then I get up at 5:08am on the dot. I do my morning routine and usually sit at the kitchen table and drink my coffee before leaving my house at quarter after 6am. This morning as I was sipping on my coffee, I couldn’t help but scroll through facebook (as usual). I came across an article

“25 Things I Want My Ranch Kids to Know”

1. You have chores, because we love you.

2. Boredom is a choice.

3. There is magic in watching the sunrise.

4. A pet is more than a companion.

5. Grow your own food.

6. Be open to learning.

7. Dress appropriately for the occasion.

8. There is a time and a place for bad language.

9. Feed your help.

10. Don’t judge, but if you do, judge them by their abilities, attitudes, actions not appearances.

11. Stewardship.

12. Fake it ’til you make it.

13. That said, don’t mistake arrogance for confidence.

14. Low-stress is best. . .

15. The only dumb question is the unasked question.

16. Always do your best.

17. “There comes a time when you’re gonna get bucked and you’re gonna need to know what to do so you don’t get stepped on.” -Betsy Swain, 1875

18. Be polite and kind.

19. But, don’t be a pushover.

20. Develop a sense of place.

21. Break a sweat everyday.

22. Be present.

23. Unplug.

24. Sometimes the hard decisions are the right ones.

25. You do not have to maintain this lifestyle, but please appreciate it.

Copyright © 2012 by Rachel J. Lohof Larsen

Granted this was written to ranch kiddos, I was never a ranch kid but a small town farm child. I grew up with almost these exact same things being played throughout my childhood and into my teenage years.

Isn’t it funny how so many farm parents across the nations teach there children many of the same values!

ANYWAY, as I was reading this and drinking my coffee; it excited me! I became excited to raise my future children the way that my husband and I were raised. We were taught NOT to take the little things for granted, to always say “please” and “thank you”, to say “yes ma’am” or “no sir”, to be confident in everything we do, but most importantly we were taught to cherish the value of what is ours because we worked for it!

The veil over our eyes

We are all known for doing something along the lines of checking social media A LOT throughout the day. So I decided to turn on my screen time options and what I found out AMAZED me!

Every morning both my husband and I are notorious for sitting in bed and checking our phones before getting up and starting our day. He goes about his own morning routine and I go about mine. In the morning I usually scroll through Facebook while I’m doing my hair, then through Instagram while I’m putting on my makeup, and of course Snapchat while I’m drinking my morning coffee. Throughout the day when I’m not busy I tend to hop on my phone and check things out, same thing for when I’m at home sitting on the couch. I might be watching television, but on commercials or even if I get bored….I get on my phone.

When on earth did these small devices start to control our lives? Why have we become so reluctant to put our phones away for a day and just enjoy life the way we used to?

Any more now, we have to have our phones out to record the moment so we won’t forget it later on instead of enjoying it IN THE MOMENT! I was a freshman in high school before I got my first cell phone, and the only reason I got one was because of sports. I didn’t need one, but I WANTED one. My husband got one when he was 16 years old on the day he got his license, and that’s the only reason he got one.

Take a minute to think about what you could be doing instead of sitting on social media; I know what I could be doing. In the morning instead of playing on my phone I could turn some music on and have ME time. During the day I could take my consumers and we could all go on a walk. And at home on the weekends or in the evenings, I could spend more time out in the barn, or baking like I like to, or even writing.

We are all guilty of being on our phones TOO MUCH, just last week I was on my phone for over two hours a day! It’s time to change that. I challenge you all to put your phone down and see the world through your eyes instead of a screen. Lift that veil that covers your eyes and see the beauty!

Minaw’s snacks

There is something about reading a farming magazine, especially when laying on your stomach on the floor and eating a bowl of frozen blueberries with brown sugar and milk on top of it.



But hey we all have those snacks that we enjoy and of course the memories to go with it.

My Minaw Johnson’s house was the most fun place to go when I was younger, not only because when I walked into papaw’s office he’d sneak me candies out of his desk but because Minaw would have “little cooking lessons”. By far my favorite “cooking lesson” was when Minaw took me to go and pick fresh blue berries. We took them home, rinsed them off and then set them on some paper towel to dry a little before putting them into the freezer to get them frozen enough.

While waiting on the blueberries to freeze we would make our way into the sunroom and as she would play the piano, I’d sing along (even if it wasn’t the prettiest). From playing the piano to going outside to cater to her B.E.A.UTIFUL rose garden, the time flew by. By the time we had pulled some weeds, cut and dethorn a hand full of immaculate smelling and looking roses, it was time head back to the kitchen.

We’d take those blueberries out of the freezer, fill a coffee mug full, pour some milk over the top so it would freeze and become like ice, and then a tablespoon of brown sugar. We’d grab our spoons and head the the backyard swing. Papaw had built her the most glamorous wooden swing I had ever laid my eyes on! We’d sit out there for what felt like hours just talking, however I was very young so the talking probably happened from me and she just listened to my nonsense. Probably with a smile :).

Still to this day while reading farming magazines, reading anything about herds of animals, or sometimes just feeling sad; I make minaw’s snack. It reminds me of the happiness that one grey haired lady carried, and it makes me feel that same way she did; HAPPY!

What’s your favorite “old” snack?!?!

Hair Dazed & Confused

For anyone who doesn’t know, my hair is naturally super curly! Well, not even two weeks after my wedding I decided to chop it all off again…but even shorter this time. Made sense, I was starting a new chapter in my life so why not have a new hair do to go with it! So I’ve been washing it very other day and straightening, then of course teasing it to make it big. However, every day around noon I start to notice the underneath curling. Not going wavy or adding a curl to the end….going totally curly.

Man does that tick me off!

I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I cannot go a day without curly hair because that’s who God made me to be. THE GIRL WITH THE CURLY HAIR!

I used to hate my hair, I hated the color, I hated the length, I HATED THE CURL! I always wanted to be like those other girls who had the cute highlights and that stick straight hair who it only took 10 minutes in the morning to straighten it. ‘Cause for me it took four hours. Yes that’s correct between washing, blow drying, and then straightening my long curly hair (that I used to have). After high school I had a bad break up and chopped 12.5 inches off, and man did it feel good. Well my hair never got longer then my shoulders.

The day I decided to cut my hair again, it was for a great start as husband and wife! But you know what my husband said as soon as he walked through the door?!? “No! You look like one of those ‘May I speak to the manager’ moms”. 😂 man oh man, how the days of hair have changed for me.

How have they changed for you?!?!